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Pattuvam Sports City® aims to provide quality sports infrastructure to all enthusiasts. Our first venture is a Football / Cricket Turf. Football and cricket have always been the favorite game for the sports lovers of Malabar in Kerala.

People from all walks of life have football and Cricket as their passion. Pattuvam Sports City Turf & Gymnasium was established to feed this passion! The concept of night football and Cricket is catching on with the new generation as they seek a post-work or post-studies entertainment to release their tensions. As a one-stop destination serving local customers as well as from other parts of Malabar, Pattuvam Sports City is all set to become a top player in the Sports Ground sector. Pattuvam Sports City has future plans to provide other interesting sports facilities to enthusiasts in Malabar region and lead them to a healthy life.

Our Mission : Our aim is to to create a healthy and an economically sports infrastructure with the highest quality and nurturing and develop skills of budding athletes at the grass root level.

Our Vision : Pattuvam Turf aims to be the leading Turf & Park in Kerala, especially in Malabar area dedicated to develop a sporting culture and healthy habits for everyone.